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Seeknit: Shirotake 9.5" Asymmetric Circular - Differential Length Needles

  • Asymetric Circular Needle
  • Our exclusive original 9.5" Asymmetric Circular Needles were developed for use with sock yarn, and are available in diameters from US 0 to US 10 (2.00mm to 6.00mm).
  • Asymmetric Circular Needles have a short needle and a long needle.
  • Put the stitches on the short needle and work through with the long needle.
  • Since the moving needle is longer it is easier to hold, making these suited for small circular projects (such as socks).
  • KA Classic Bamboo 9.5" Circular Needles are made from select Japanese bamboo giving them a lightweight and warm feeling.
  • With a satin smooth finish these durable quality knitting needles becomes even smoother with the passing of time and use.