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Drawstring Bag


【RESTOCK on 6.05.2022 】

We are very happy and surprised with your excitement for the drawstring bags, so we’re pleased to announce that they will be available at Tamayura Yarn as well!

Since there has been a surge in popularity for the bags, we have decided to do a huge reprint and have a much larger stock so that there is less rush to acquire them (since they sold out so quickly for the set!).

It will be a couple weeks for everything to be printed and then stocked, so we are hoping to have our shop and Tamayura fully ready by the end of the month.

I apologize for delaying the release of the bags, but we wanted to be sure that everyone would be able to get theirs at the same time. Thank you for your patience and understanding! ♥️

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Knitters Without Borders LLC (Exclusive)

Drawstring Project Bag

- The Life of Musasabi: Chapter 1 -

Designed by Tamayura Yarn


Fairtrade Product

12.8cm (L) x 13.0cm (W)