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Try-It-On Tubing


Try-It-On Tubing is a worthy and inexpensive investment if you are knitting sweaters and cardigans that you want to try on as you go.

One of the best features of a top-down garment is that you are able to try it on as you go to see if it fits or if the length is good before binding off.

When I try things on, I have to place all of the stitches on a piece of scrap yarn so it will fit around my body.

After I try the garment on, I have to put all of the stitches back on the needles... This can be a tedious process.

This new tool helps you to make the trying on as you go a little easier :)


【How to use Try-It-On Tubing】
First make sure you have the appropriate size tubing diameter for your needle size.
Second snug the tubing onto the tip of your knitting needle.
Third gently slide all stitches onto tubing.
Now you can try on your garment with confidence that your stitches will stay in place.