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mominoki yarn: KISSA SOCK SET


52 Weeks of Socks Vol.II 

Yucca @sio2_yucca has two gorgeous patterns in this book.

One of these is called the Kissa Sock and we have been very fortunate to carry the @mominokiyarn sock sets made for this pattern.


Each set is made up of 1 x 100g/main color plus

2 x 50g/Contrast colors.    Total: 200g


SET #1- MC: Kahvi, CC: Lakka, Pistachio

SET #2- MC: Chai, CC: Dijon, Marron

SET #3- MC: Cashew, CC: Lavender, Safran



80% Wool (Non Superwash)   20% Plyamide (Biodegradable)

100g  366m/400 yards