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mominoki yarn: GERMAN MERINO LIGHT


~ from Chihiro ~

Our German Merino wool is light and airy. The knitted clothes are very warm and have a natural look. It’s well suited for every project, especially cosy warm pullovers and winters clothes.

The natural merino wool originates from the alpine uplands in the south of Germany. It’s spun in a small spinning mill owned by a family in the 3rd generation. They get the wool from the local sheperds in the sorroundings. So the wool is from the breeding of the sheep to the dyed yarn completely made in Germany.

Our friends from the spinning mill attach great importance to sustainability, so for example, they don’t waste any wool during the process, all unusable or dirty wool is pressed into pellets and can be used as a biological fertilzer. Also all buildings and water are heated by wood pellets.

The sheeps are roaming the meadows of the alpine uplands and are only in the shelter, while it’s too much snow or after shearing. They change the meadows several times a day. It’s usual that the farmers let them graze on their lands because they fertilze the ground and keep the grass short.