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itobito: Sock

Size 400m

Sock Yarn

  • 85% SW Extrafine Merino wool, 15% Nylon
  • 4 ply
  • 400m/100g 
  • Most versatile base in ITOBITO. Soft but tough. Recommended for garment, socks, accessories... anything really


〜 From Anne 〜


藤壺  FUJITSUBO/Light Purple

Gazing upon the magnificent Wisteria in Kyushu inspired me to create a color in honor of this beautiful flower. I was awed by the the fragrance and the pretty dangles, especially the purple ones! So I created the colorway base on that and garnished it with colorful speckles befitting this gorgeous color. The name 'Jar of Wisteria' makes me imagine the flowers swaying in the wind inside a jar, which makes it look magical.


陽/Yo and Moss Code  (陽/Yellow and Moss Code/Green)

These 2 are part of a set of solid colors called Retro Cafe. means Sun or Sunlight and it warms my heart every time seeing it. Moss Code is a calming green. It's also a play of words and I always love a punny name! Sending some sunlight and greens is the right thing to do to accompany the Jar of Wisteria. May ITOBITO flourish peacefully in the land of the free!