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BluFiber: Cashmerino Sock


80% Superwash extrafine Merino

20% Cashmere

400 yards

From Joshua:

I'm a Fiber Artist who has been knitting and crafting for over 20 years. Over time, I started to lose the sharpness of my sight but I always remember color. It became so important to me when picking fibers that the intensity and saturation of color be perfect, otherwise my enjoyment of knitting would be empty. There would be no memory, only frustration. This inspired me to create my own color pallet and fiber blends that were both vibrant and luxurious for every knitter. 

All of the blends being brought to you have been meticulously handpicked to provide the best knitting experience.  Most of the Blue Faced Leister and Merino wools come from small European farms that are ethically sourced. Premium fibers, such as yak, camel and cashmere, have been custom blended from Tibet and are part of Fair-Trade.